Help me help my friend!

So glad you're here. I just created this blog because I'm worried about my friend Gracie. You see, she just announced she's going to start an all-women's comedy troupe, and while I'm super excited about it...I'm afraid some people aren't.

I was at the Ha! Factory tonight when Gracie made her announcement, and I may or may not have overheard some things that caused me to start to worry. 

I mean, just listen to this conversation I recorded on my phone: 

See what I'm talking about?! Sounds like sabotage-in-the-making to me!

I think Gracie's comedy troupe needs our help, and fast. I know I love a good mystery, and would be so grateful to enlist your investigative skills so we can figure out if someone really is trying to sabotage the troupe!

And I think I've devised a pretty sweet way of sharing anything we find without letting unwanted eyes see what we're up to. Let me just say it involves codes, clues, and a bit of detective work outside your home...

To help, send me an email at and I'll respond to tell you about the clues we're looking for. And be sure to keep it hush-hush, because the last thing we need is someone trying to sabotage the saboteur-hunters, right?!

So shoot me an email if you're in, and help me help my friend!